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Simply getting involved can have great impact in building the social fabric of a neighborhood

Continuing in the vein of highlighting resident leadership, today I am going to focus on a great story provided by Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven in Connecticut. It shows how concerned residents, who show they care about their neighborhood and get involved, can have a big impact in transforming communities to make them more amicable and welcoming to all. The story is also a testament to the usefulness of face to face surveys and the additional benefits they bring. Even after all…


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Financial Fitness and Coaching

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc., founded in 1993, is a non for profit industry leader in providing financial counseling throughout the United States. We also offer housing counseling as part of our service.

Our overall mission is to help families end financial crisis and solve money management problems through various types of education and professional counseling.

Through educational programs, individual financial counseling, money management…


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AmeriCorps VISTA Neighborhood Project Coordinator (Community HousingWorks)

Position: AmeriCorps VISTA Neighborhood Project Coordinator



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AmeriCorps VISTA Educational Programs Specialist (Community HousingWorks)

Position: AmeriCorps VISTA Educational Programs Specialist



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HANDS that Bake and Break Bread Together

HANDS (Housing and Neighborhood Development Services) located in Orange, NJ has one of the most interesting highlights in their quarterly reports.

The organization just celebrated their 25th anniversary and hosted a series of walking tours, bus tour, a volunteer day, a symposium and an art show. They engage with youth in what they call their ORNG Ink program, and have engaged over 150 young people in their youth art…


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What is your organization doing to develop leaders in your community?

Resident Leadership Development is one of three core pillars of the National Community Building and Organizing Program at NeighborWorks America; (the other two are 1. support of resident driven groups and 2. ongoing community building activities). So, I will start focusing my blogs on these three focus areas when possible.



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Keith Pamperin, NeighborWorks Green Bay, receives the Dorothy Richardson Award for Outstanding Resident Leadership

Each Year NeighborWorks America honors one resident leader from each of its districts with the Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership Award. These are resident leaders whose energy, commitment and concern for their communities are vital to the NeighborWorks system locally and nationally.

Keith Pamperin, from NeighborWorks Green Bay, WI, received one of six 2011 national awards.

Keith is the founder of NHS of Green Bay, now known as NeighborWorks Green Bay. Keith is well known…


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Is There a Difference Between Gentrification and Revitalization?

This blog originally appeared at

Today I read a very good article at by Will Doig, titled “Can Gentrification Work For Everyone?”  By good, I mean balanced  - Doig acknowledges the myriad of positions taken by different people, even residents of the same neighborhood, about this complex, nuanced topic.


Doig uses Washington, DC’s Ward 8 as his…


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Real Estate Project Manager (Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation)

Position: Real Estate Project Manager

Company: …


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Community Art, or the Art of Community Building?

Expanding the theme of “Murals as a Way to Build Community” that I highlighted in my previous blog, today I am looking at a broader approach and commenting on arts as a way to engage residents.


Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)


Located in East…


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NeighborWorks America Community Scholars Summer Internship Program

The Community Scholars Intern Program provides paid 12 week internships commencing summer, 2012. Each selected intern must be available the entire 12 weeks. There are 12 opportunities available in Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Kansas City. To apply visit, …


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Murals as a Way to Build Community

I’ve been reading a lot about arts and community building lately. In the last quarter of NeighborWorks America’s fiscal year almost 25% of the organizations that are members of the National Community Building and Organizing Program reported an outcome around arts and engaging residents.

Here are some of my favorite examples from their latest’s reports:

Westside Housing Organization,…


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NeighborWorks Anchorage Turns 30!

NeighborWorks Anchorage, in…


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A Glimpse Into the World of Community Development as a Vocation

A Glimpse Into the World of Community Development as a Vocation


Why Community Development? Why is it important and what does it take to succeed for the communities being served? Hear the answers directly from individuals who chose community…


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What can participants who attended this month’s Community Leadership Institute accomplish in a year?

NeighborWorks Great Falls, located in Great Falls, Montana, brought a team of participants to the CLI last year and is happy to report the following success for last year’s Operation Medicine Cabinet (their CLI Action Plan…


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New Water and Electric Conservation Products

The recent edition of the Journal of Light Construction has a couple of products I found interesting and will pass along. 

The first is a new smart toilet from Caroma USA (  It has a faucet on the top of the toilet tank.  The intake water comes into the faucet and the waste (gray) water goes down the sink drain and fills the toilet tank.  White only with dual flush capability.  They are expensive - $800 - but worth the look for those thinking about graywater…


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Gulf Coast Resident Leadership Conference

Stepping Up Our Civic Engagement

The Gulf Coast Resident Leadership Conference was held September 8th – 10th at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS. The goal of the three-day event was to build capacity for increased civic engagement among Gulf Coast communities.




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Senior Technical Advisor, Economic Empowerment (International Rescue Committee)

Position: Senior Technical Advisor, Economic Empowerment…


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What is Khmer? Coalition for a Better Acre and the redistricting process in Lowell, MA.



Khmer is a person from Cambodia. It is also used to identify the language of the Khmer people and the official language of Cambodia. Khmer people are the predominant ethnic group in Cambodia, accounting for approximately 90% of the 14.8 million people in the country.


So what does Khmer have to do with…


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Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Maintenance

Indoor air quality can affect the health of those who live within a home as well as the health of the structure itself. Reducing indoor humidity greatly reduces the opportunity for mold to get a foothold and spread. Properly venting bathrooms, kitchens, clothes dryers and other moisture generating sources inside the house to the outside greatly aids in this process. It is important to remember that all of the exhaust fans used in the house should be vented to remove moisture to the outside -…


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